The creative part of TESEO is the engine of the Company. An integrated team of designers works daily on the realisation of new fabrics, basing its creations on the constant research of new and innovative fibres and on its ability and experience in the analysis of market trends.


The Mill is the productive heart of TESEO: here tradition, research and innovation converge, making it a centre of excellence.

The phases of Warping and Weaving happen entirely inside the Company and TESEO uses the most up to date productive technologies: the industrial plant includes dobby projectile looms and gripper looms, both jacquard and dobby.


TESEO was one of the first Companies, at the beginning of the 1990s, to invest in Digital Printing technologies.
This has proven to be a winning and forward-looking choice, allowing the Company to widen its product offering complementing the plain and jacquards also with prints.


One of TESEO's strengths is its Quality System. This has evolved over the years to become a full “Total Quality” system leading to the ongoing improvement of production processes as well as products.

TESEO's Quality System follows the product along its whole life-cycle: from the creation phase to the production and delivery. It's in these last phases in particular that the specialised Quality Control team verifies aspect, colour, parameters and qualitative performance of each fabric before it's sent off to the Customer.

Final output of the Quality Control is a Report which, for each fabric roll, collects all production and quality data, guaranteeing full traceability of the production cycle.


The production and logistics is supported by several warehouses in TESEO: the first warehouse, inside the weaving mill, stocks yarns and raw fabrics; and a central warehouse at the commercial site in Grandate, dedicated to the finished fabrics ready to be sold.

It's the Central Warehouse, which stretches over 1.000sqm and stores over 500.0000m of fabric, that allows TESEO to offer its wide range of “STOCK SERVICE” articles, on a particularly broad range of articles and colours: mainly silks (Organza, Crepe de Chine, Crepe Satin, Georgette, Poplin...) but also Viscose, Cottons and Classics.