TESEO, Tessitura Serica di Olmeda, is a weaving mill from Como with a history, tradition and experience stretching over almost a century. In line with the true "Made in Italy" excellence, thanks to its in-house Mill, TESEO's fabrics have always been a point of inspiration for major fashion Brands as well as emerging designers.

Today TESEO, following the Como textile tradition, bases its creative and productive excellence on values of Quality, Service and Research & Innovation.


Weaving our customers' ideas, bringing to life their stylistic creations.
Being a reliable partner for Research & Development in plain, jacquard and printed fabrics, guaranteeing excellent quality and service.


TESEO's origins date back to 1926 when Enrico Clerici founded the silk factory carrying his name, in Como.

In the 1950s, his son Ercole Clerici brought some important changes strengthening the existing commercial structure with the production department that still is the heart of the Company and gives it its name: the silk weaving mill of Olmeda (Tessitura Serica di Olmeda).

At the end of the 1980s, following the growth and evolution of the market, Alberto and Adriano Clerici added new important investments in the Company. Besides modernising the production, they accomplished the complete digitalization and renovation of the commercial structure, moving the offices to the larger and more modern buildings of Grandate.

Today TESEO has reached its fourth generation with the entrance in the Company of Luca and Laura Clerici.


TESEO's archive collects and summarises the century-long history of the Company, guarding and treasuring the textile culture, the stylistic creativity and the productive history.

Today the archive contains a library of over 50.000 references, exhibiting the collections of the more recent years, as well as having a digital library of all print designs.
Today the Archive serves as inspiration and research tool for the internal Design team as well as customers.


To TESEO, "Quality" is a philosophy that encompasses all stakeholders of the Organisation, its activities, products and the personnel, becoming over time "Total Qualityā€¯.

This has translated, over the years, into numerous certifications:

  • ISO 9001;   
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  • Seri.co;   
    download Seri.co
  • Traceability & fashion;   
    download Traceability and fashion
  • GOTS for the production of organic fabrics.   
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  • Social Policy;   
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  • Environmental Policy;   
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